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Welcome to the SubtleDemon universe.

Here, you will find information and insights on my books and characters. Worlds will rise and fall; power will wax and wane. Alien races will be introduced—both good and bad—to challenge your imagination. You are encouraged to follow the adventures of vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, wizards, warlocks, demons, Larentii and everything in between.

On Earth, this website is the only location where this information may be found. A better record is held within the Larentii Archives, but invitations to that hallowed institution are seldom issued to humans.


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Upcoming Releases

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BlackWing Pirates Series, Book 4
(Spring 2019)

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Worth Your While
Seattle Elementals Series, Book 2
Kindle (Preview)
Available elsewhere 4/1/2019
Paperback: Signed by the Author

I should be dead.

All the fire demons who were betrayed and sacrificed before me had certainly died. Will, the wizard who attempted to destroy me, said it was the only way to kill the enemy known as Black Myth.

Of all the fire demons led unknowingly to their deaths, how had I survived—and why?

—Cassie King-Worth