Favorite Quotes

"Death is not the evil that many believe it to be. So many of us do whatever we can to avoid it as long as possible. We even grasp at straws, sometimes, to keep it away from us. But death is not the enemy. It takes us when our bodies are no longer prepared to carry on in our current lives. It brings us peace and freedom from pain. It is life that is often the enemy; the siren that convinces us to hold onto it as long as we can, even though we are filled with pain or have lived long past our usefulness. We should let our life leave us when it is time and do it gladly, instead of with sorrow and bitterness. Something else awaits, and when we arrive we will wonder what it was that held us back from it for so long."

—Griffin (Blood Redemption, Blood Destiny Series, Book Nine)

This is a favorite because it provides a bit of relief when facing the prospect of dying or losing someone close to you. —Joe Scholes, December 4, 2018

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