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Exciting news! Keeper, First Ordinance #2, is now available for preorder on amazon.com. Actual release date: October 28, 2014. Click this link to pre-order!

Blood Sense, Blood Destiny #3, Audiobook Coming Soon!

Cloud Invasion, RD-2 - Late December 2014

BlackWing, First Ordinance, #3 - February 2015

Hot Demon in the City, Latter Day Demon, #1 - Spring 2015

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Wyvern and Company, Saa Thalarr Book 2

There are family photos taken when I was a baby, which show Mom, Dad and me at a big house overlooking the ocean. Mom says we still own the house; it's somewhere in Australia or New Zealand or something, and they rent it out. That's why we never go there.

My best friend Mack and I just started our senior year in high school. If I'd known anything about where that year would take us, I might have bumped the renters out of our beach house in Australia and stayed there for the duration.

* * *

The moment Justin Griffin turns eighteen, his life changes completely.

He isn't human.

His best friend isn't human.

His parents are definitely not who they say they are.

What's a guy to do?

Now available on amazon.com

Blood Wager, Blood Destiny Book 1 audiobook.
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Blood Passage, Blood Destiny Book 2 audiobook.
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