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Here, you will find information and insights on my books and characters. Worlds will rise and fall; power will wax and wane. Alien races will be introduced—both good and bad—to challenge your imagination. You are encouraged to follow the adventures of vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, wizards, warlocks, demons, Larentii and everything in between.

On Earth, this website is the only location where this information may be found. A better record is held within the Larentii Archives, but invitations to that hallowed institution are seldom issued to humans.


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  • BD1 BloodWagerNewFinalHRBlood Wager
  • BD2 BloodPassageNewFinalHRBlood Passage
  • BD3 BloodSenseNewFinalHRBlood Sense
  • BD4 BloodDominationHRBlood Domination
  • BD5 BloodRoyalFinalHRBlood Royal
  • BD6 BloodQueenFinalHRBlood Queen
  • BD7 BloodRebellionFinalHRBlood Rebellion
  • BD8 BloodWarFinalHRBlood War
  • BD9 BloodRedemptionHRBlood Redemption
  • BD10 BloodReunionHRBlood Reunion
  • LOTI1 BumbleFinalHRBumble
  • LOTI2 ShadowedFinalHRShadowed
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  • LOTI4 VendettaFinalHRVendetta
  • LOTI5 DestroyerFinalHRDestroyer
  • HD1 DemonLostFinalHRDemon Lost
  • HD2 DemonRevealedHRDemon Revealed
  • HD3 DemonKingHRDemon's King
  • HD4 DemonQuestFinalHRDemon's Quest
  • HD5 DemonRevengeHRDemon's Revenge
  • HD6 DemonDreamHRDemon's Dream
  • GW1 BloodDouble2HRBlood Double
  • GW2 BloodTroubleFinalHRBlood Trouble
  • GW3 BloodRevolutionHRBlood Revolution
  • GW4 BloodLoveFinalHRBlood Love
  • GW5 BloodFinaleHRBlood Finale
  • ST1 HopeAndVengeanceHRHope and Vengeance
  • ST2 Wyvern&CoFinalHRWyvern and Company
  • FO1 FinderHRFinder
  • FO2 KeeperFinalHRKeeper
  • FO3 BlackWing HRBlackWing
  • RD1 CloudDustHRCloud Dust
  • RD2 CloudInvasion- eBookCloud Invasion
  • RD3 Cloud Rebel webCloud Rebel
  • ANTH1 OtherWorldlyWaysHROther Worldly Ways

Hot Demon in the City, Latter Day Demon, #1 - August 2015

SpellBreaker, First Ordinance #4, October 2015

Your Money's Worth, Seattle Elementals, #1 - December 2015

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Cloud Rebel, R-D, Book 3

The Larentii are observers only; their policy is never to involve themselves in the turmoil of other races.

Corinne is now one of them.

What will she do to protect those she cares for on Earth? Will she risk her life to save them?

The Larentii rebel has arrived.

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Blood Domination, Blood Destiny #4, Audiobook now available!
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Blood Wager, Blood Destiny #1 audiobook.
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Blood Passage, Blood Destiny #2 audiobook.
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Blood Sense, Blood Destiny #3
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