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Welcome to the subtledemon universe.

Here, you will find information and insights on my books and characters. Worlds will rise and fall; power will wax and wane. Alien races will be introduced—both good and bad—to challenge your imagination. You are encouraged to follow the adventures of vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, wizards, warlocks, demons, Larentii and everything in between.

On Earth, this website is the only location where this information may be found. A better record is held within the Larentii Archives, but invitations to that hallowed institution are seldom issued to humans.

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A Demon's Work is Never Done
Latter Day Demons Series, Book 2 - December 2015

Other Worldly Holidays, Anthology Two - December 2015

Finder, First Ordinance Series, Book 1, in audiobook format - December 2015

SpellBreaker, First Ordinance Series, Book 4, in quality paperback - December 2015

Your Money's Worth, Seattle Elementals Series, Book 1 - February 2016

Shadowed, Legend of the Ir'Indicti Series, Book 2, in quality paperback - February 2016

Target, Legend of the Ir'Indicti Series, Book 3, in quality paperback - February 2016

Vendetta, Legend of the Ir'Indicti Series, Book 4, in quality paperback - February 2016

Destroyer, Legend of the Ir'Indicti Series, Book 5, in quality paperback - February 2016

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Blood Destiny Series, Book 6
Blood Queen

"Thousands of Copper Ra'Ak fought throughout Veshtul, killing many as they lashed out, or crushing others as they crawled along. Screaming Comesuli ran before them, desperate to escape the deadly creatures. In the distance, Dragon's roar sounded as he fought off one of the monsters. Three other Dragons fought beside him; I saw them as they charged their prey - a Black Dragon, a Silver Dragon and a Gold Dragon. Others were fighting Ra'Ak as well; a Black Gryphon fought alongside a huge Snow Leopard. Giant birds swept the sky, screaming in anger as Ra'Ak leapt at them, attempting to sink rows of deadly teeth into feathered flesh."


First Ordinance Series, Book 4

"History is written by the victors. Truth is written by the Larentii." — Nefrigar, Chief Archivist

Wylend Arden, Fifth-level warlock and King of Karathia for more than twenty-thousand years, had quite a story to tell.

"It began like this," he said, his smile slightly crooked as he lifted his cup of wine to me. "I had an older brother, born to one of my father's legitimate mates. His name was Wellend and he was heir to the Karathian throne. On his sixteenth birthday, my father gifted him with the Heir's Ring, as was proper."

After thousands of years, Wylend's niece and nephew are making a bid for the Karathian throne. All they need, it seems, is a book and a ring to prove their inheritance. It matters not to Deris and Daris Arden whom they murder or which worlds they destroy in their quest to wrestle the throne from seemingly legitimate heirs. If they conquer the Karathian King and take the throne, their greed will demand that the Alliances be next...


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