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Welcome to the subtledemon universe.

Here, you will find information and insights on my books and characters. Worlds will rise and fall; power will wax and wane. Alien races will be introduced—both good and bad—to challenge your imagination. You are encouraged to follow the adventures of vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, wizards, warlocks, demons, Larentii and everything in between.

On Earth, this website is the only location where this information may be found. A better record is held within the Larentii Archives, but invitations to that hallowed institution are seldom issued to humans.

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A Demon's Due, Latter Day Demons Series, Book 3,
(estimated) August 12, 2016

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Blood Destiny Series, Book 9
Blood Redemption

Radomir handled the meeting, because Gavin wanted to kill Norian Keef. Norian sat inside Gavin's office at the palace, nervously tapping a foot. That in itself irritated Gavin to the point of red-eyed, lengthy-fanged murder. Radomir worked to calm Norian while Gavin looked on, mentally considering the many, painful ways Norian might meet his end.

Audiobook: audible.com | amazon.com

First Ordinance Series, Book 4

"History is written by the victors. Truth is written by the Larentii." — Nefrigar, Chief Archivist

Wylend Arden, Fifth-level warlock and King of Karathia for more than twenty-thousand years, had quite a story to tell.

"It began like this," he said, his smile slightly crooked as he lifted his cup of wine to me. "I had an older brother, born to one of my father's legitimate mates. His name was Wellend and he was heir to the Karathian throne. On his sixteenth birthday, my father gifted him with the Heir's Ring, as was proper."

After thousands of years, Wylend's niece and nephew are making a bid for the Karathian throne. All they need, it seems, is a book and a ring to prove their inheritance. It matters not to Deris and Daris Arden whom they murder or which worlds they destroy in their quest to wrestle the throne from seemingly legitimate heirs. If they conquer the Karathian King and take the throne, their greed will demand that the Alliances be next...

Audiobook: audible.com | amazon.com | iTunes

Blood Destiny Series, Book 8
Blood Rebellion

"Tsk, tsk," Erland muttered, shaking his head. "Perhaps Lissa should raise the topic of Diplomatic Immunity at the Conclave."

"That, my friend, would be inadvisable. She is new and many will be waiting, as vultures do when an ox is dying."

"I know. At times, I feel the need to cover myself in oil, just to slip through the tripe and garbage of Wylend's court. Lissa will have to contend with five hundred times that when she goes to Conclave."

Death has come to Le-Ath Veronis. A would-be assassin, aiming at Lissa, manages to kill someone close to her instead. A price has been placed on Lissa's head by Black Mist, an assassin's guild, who have been paid by a reassembled Solar Red. Throw in a spin-off religion, betrayal, the Five-Year Conclave for the Reth Alliance and a misguided kidnapping, and you have the seeds of war.

Audiobook: audible.com | amazon.com | iTunes.com

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