April 23, 2019
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April 12, 2019
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April 1, 2019
Worth Your While, Seattle Elementals Series, Book 2, was released on all major ebook platforms on April 1, 2019.

You can get the ebook in Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, NookPress and iBooks formats right here on our store, and at a cheaper price!

Both books in the series are on sale for 20% off, and that includes all ebook formats and quality paperbacks!

To receive the 20% discount, add the coupon code SE-SALE at checkout. This sale only applies to our online store, and will end on April 15, 2019, so don't wait!

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December 1, 2018
When Connie began publishing in 2011, the primary outlet for her ebooks was Amazon Kindle, mainly because Amazon commanded the largest market share of ebook sales. However, there are now several additional ebook platforms from which readers may choose, according to their preference.

In the past two months, we've gradually added Connie's complete catalog of books in other platform formats including Kobo, Nook, iBooks and Google Play. Links to these platforms are provided at the bottom of each book's description on our website. Or, if you prefer, you can visit your favorite ebook platform and search for Connie Suttle. The books are priced the same across all platforms.

Now that our new Online Store sells all the ebooks in all the above mentioned platforms, we hope you will consider buying directly from us.

Upcoming Releases

Black Zone
Future Wars Series, Book Two
(Summer 2019)

Observe and Protect
Saa Thalarr Series, Book Three
(Autumn 2019)
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