Publishing Statistics

In response to fan inquiries, we have compiled the following Publishing Statistics for Connie Suttle.

Connie began writing seriously in 2007, and completed twelve to fifteen books by the summer of 2011. After briefly considering a traditional publishing route, Connie made the decision to self-publish as an indie author and launched Blood Wager, Blood Destiny Series Book One, as an e-book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

With numerous books in the Blood Destiny Series "banked" and ready to publish, she made the bold move of publishing one book a month for several months. Her strategy was untested, but turned out to be extremely successful. Early fans discovered they didn't have to wait months or years before the next book became available.

As she approached the end of her first series, she began alternately publishing the first few books in her second series, which resulted in fans trying out the new series while waiting for more of the first.

Fans were delighted.

More important than her publishing strategy, Connie's success lies in the quality of her stories, the depth of her imagination, the appeal of her characters and her entertaining storytelling style. Connie now owns her own publishing company, SubtleDemon Publishing, LLC, based in Oklahoma City.

Blood Wager was published in June 2011. The following statistics spring from that moment.

Connie currently has thirteen series in progress, as shown below.

Books per Series:
  • Blood Destiny Series - 12 (complete)
  • Legend of the Ir'Indicti Series - 5 (complete)
  • High Demon Series - 6 (complete)
  • God Wars Series - 5 (complete)
  • Saa Thalarr Series - 2 available, at least one more planned (incomplete)
  • First Ordinance Series - 5 (complete)
  • R-D Series - 3 (complete)
  • Latter Day Demon Series - 3 (complete)
  • Seattle Elementals Series - 2 available (future books—unknown)
  • BlackWing Pirates Series - 4 available (complete)
  • Black Rose Sorceress Series - 4 (complete)
  • Future Wars Series - 2 available, 1 in progress (incomplete)
  • Lion and Raven Series - 1 available, 1 in progress, more planned (incomplete)
  • Dragon Witch Series - 1 available, 1 in progress, more planned (incomplete)
  • Anthologies, Other Worldly Ways and Other Worldly Holidays
  • Contributor - short stories in 2 anthologies by a group of authors (out of print)

Other Statistics:
  • Total number of different series: 15
  • Total books released since June 2011: 58
  • Current books in progress: 4 (Dragon Queen of Seoul, Exile, Ancient, Observe and Protect and Wraith Zone)
  • All books are available in Quality Paperback format.
  • Of the books released, 23 are available in Audiobook format.

What's Next?

Connie lives to write. She has no shortage of imagination and still has multiple books planned in several of her current series. She is currently working on several books in at least three different series.

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(This information is current as of July 12, 2021)

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