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Welcome to the SubtleDemon universe.

Prepare yourself for a journey to unknown worlds, filled with vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, wizards, witches, warlocks, demons, Larentii and other races too numerous to mention.

This website contains but a brief glimpse into the Larentii Archives, where records of all races, all histories and all worlds are held. If you wish to obtain further insight, you must be invited by a Larentii, and, by design, those invitations are seldom issued to humans.


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New Release

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Raven, Red
Lion and Raven Series, Book 1
Now Available

Cormac Flynn, a raven shapeshifter, is ancient, Celtic, and cursed.

Arianne Leone, a mountain lion shapeshifter, owns an art gallery in Deep Ellum, a popular tourist attraction and haven for musicians for decades.

Together, they are charged with guarding the one who bears the Hermit's Stone, an ancient artifact that has held worlds together—and kept them separate—for eons.

Possession of the stone falls to Ari's friend and art student, nineteen-year-old Nico Garcia. When Nico's parents are killed in an attempt to destroy him, Ari and Mac must set aside their differences and work together, protecting Nico at all costs…

Recent Releases

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BlackWing Pirates Series, Book 4

...I considered my goals and what—or who—was preventing me from reaching them. Randl Gage and the CSD were now my biggest enemies.

Across both Alliances, I had thousands upon thousands of graveyards, cemeteries and catacombs under my control, waiting for me to set a suitable command system in place before reanimating the dead and turning my father's vision into reality.
—V'dar (the Prophet)
Randl Gage and the BlackWing Pirates are on a collision course with the Prophet, each determined to destroy the other.

Enter an unknown, third player, and the stage is set for the ending of all worlds...

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