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One of the great things about buying Kindle ebooks is that they remain in the cloud on amazon.com so they can be synced and downloaded to all your Kindle devices and smartphone/tablet apps. Did you know if you purchase new releases from our Shop in the Kindle format, you can add them to your amazon.com cloud free of charge? Here's how.

Everyone who has a Kindle device or smartphone/tablet app has a special email address to which they can send word processing documents, PDF documents, and Kindle formatted ebooks! If you don't know what your send-to-Kindle email address is, here is how you can find it.
On your Kindle device or within the Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet, open the Settings menu. You will see a send-to-Kindle email address that is reserved only for you! If you send a word processing document or PDF document as an attachment to that email address, it will automatically be converted to Kindle format and be available for you on your device or app.
If you send an ebook already formatted for Kindle (i.e., the books on our web site) to that email address, no conversion is necessary, and the book will appear in your online library and be synced to your Kindle device or app.
The only difference is where you have to look for books loaded this way. They won't show up on your device or in the app with the regular books purchased from Amazon. You must click the link to view your library on your device or app, then click the Docs folder. That's where books of this type are stored.
Once on your device, the books are like any other you have purchased. You can add notes, highlights, bookmarks, etc.

If you try this and the book does not show up on your device or app, you may need to tell Amazon the email address you are using to SEND the documents, so it will accept them.
1. Login to amazon.com
2. Go to your Account
3. Click on Manage Your Kindle
4. On the left side menu, click on Personal Document Settings
You'll see an option that says Approved Personal Document E-mail List. You'll have to add your email address there so Amazon will accept incoming mail to convert (if necessary) for your device or app.
Amazon does not charge a fee for this service!
So you can purchase from us without worrying about cloud storage. Once you download the book from us, just email it to your send-to-Kindle email address, and it will be in Amazon's cloud for you as long as you have an Amazon account.

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