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May 10, 2017

The short story, Queen's Holiday, is now available on this website for free download. Click on the Books link to the left, then scroll down until you see the title in the list.

April 25, 2017

Connie will be attending the Show Me Your Books convention.
Location: Kansas City
Dates: September 7-8, 2018

It's a long way off, so mark your calendar now so you don't forget.

Anyone attending who is interested in having dinner with Connie, please send an email to Joe Scholes. Joe will also attend the convention, his first as a published author!

BlackWing Pirates Series, Book One

In or out of the Alliances, Sorcerers and Necromancers are considered a myth—until a single, shadowy figure brings those myths to life.

In or out of the Alliances, nobody is prepared for that.

The BlackWing Pirates, a fleet of space cruisers that form a secret branch of the Alliance Security Detail, discover what a myth-come-to-life is capable of doing when this sinister aberration begins a slow and deliberate attack against the upcoming Joint Alliances Conclave.

In the ensuing chaos, where deaths are unexplained and the impossible becomes possible, the BlackWing Pirates' most effective weapon turns out to be a blind clairvoyant, who sees better than anyone when his eyes are closed...

Audiobook: Audible.com | Amazon.com | iTunes

MindMage - Book 2

In and out of the Alliances, a new evil is on the rise—an evil whose attacks forced the postponement of the Joint Alliance Conclave nearly a year earlier.

During the attacks, some of those who fought the evil saw things that couldn't be explained—things that were considered myth—until now.

Sorcery. Necromancy. The wielding of power never seen before. The target? Every world, in or out of the Alliances.

The best hope to combat this evil?

A blind man, who sees everything.

—Private Journal of Bryan Riley
News Administrator, Le-Ath Veronis

Amazon.com | Preview

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